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Preamble and Front matter

  1. When I compile the pdf with elsarticle, I always get a blank first page which is numbered 1. The rest of the document starts at page 2. [Answer]
  2. I have a problem with the document class elsarticle. In the final document, the first page is empty except for a comma, and the title. The abstract begins in the second page. With elsart.cls I did not encounter this problem. [Answer]
  3. I am using elsarticle.cls and having problems with the abstract part. The abstract is missing from the PDF even if I code it using the {abstract} environment. [Answer]
  4. The abstract is obtained as two successive lines only instead of a paragraph, even if it is coded in the {abstract} environment. [Answer]
  5. I am using the lineno package to add line numbers to the manuscript before submission. This does not number the lines in the abstract. Is there a way around this? [Answer]
  6. The title page appeared twice. How can I remove one? [Answer]
  7. How can I typeset the title page and the main matter in separate pages? [Answer]
  8. I have made numerous attempts to get the email addresses to appear on the title page of my article, but with no luck. [Answer]
  9. How should I code a dedication? [Answer]
  10. Whenever I try to add one of the options 1p, 3p, or 5p, I get the error" Package keyval Error: centering undefined.. What can be the problem [Answer]
  11. I am writing on behalf of the IceCube collaboration, which has around 250 scientists and 39 institutions involved. When I put in all authors and institutions, I get the following error message when trying to compile with latex: ! LaTeX Error: Counter too large.. Could you please help? [Answer]
  12. Some Elsevier journals require a Title page with only Title of the manuscript, Authors and Addresses, following with the main matter, including only Title and Abstract, beginning in a new page. I am wondering how can I do this in elsarticle class. [Answer]
  13. I am using the lineno package to add line numbers to the manuscript before submission. The side-effect of using the lineno package is that the footer formatting of the title page breaks and the line "Preprint sumbitted to [...]" gets mixed with the lines of the footnotes. [Answer]

Main matter

  1. I am preparing my paper using elsarticle.cls and LaTeX. Can you tell me how to compress lists of at least three consecutive numerical citations that occur together in the text? [Answer]
  2. I am using the elsarticle.cls package for my paper submission. It really works very well, but I cannot use the natbib package with the sort&compress option; an option clash error appears when I use it. In such a case, the reference citation appears as [30, 40, 15, 31, 32, 4] rather than [4, 15, 30-32, 40] as does the ordinary article class. [Answer]
  3. I am using elsarticle.cls, and I want to present two subfigures side by side, caption them separately and also would like to incorporate a global caption. [Answer]
  4. When I use the review option, my tables become distorted due to double spacing. How can I prevent double spacing? Also, is there a way to prevent double spacing for a portion of the document? [Answer]
  5. I have coded the bibliography for author–year citations. But still I obtain numbered citations. How can I format the citation in the author–year form? [Answer]
  6. I would like to add nomenclature. Could you please guide me on that? [Answer]
  7. How can I create an acknowledgement section? [Answer]
  8. When I use \Box, an error message appears — `\Box not provided in base LaTeX2e'. [Answer]

Back matter

  1. I just cannot typeset the references and bibliography in harvard style (i.e., author–year format). [Answer]
  2. I am using `elsarticle-harv.bst' as a bibtex style file that is supposed to produce references in an author–year citation style. However, it produces the references in numerical style. Can you please tell me what went wrong? [Answer]
  3. I have a problem with bibliography. The reference list does not appear. Also the `?' only appears where the references are cross-referred to. [Answer]
  4. How do I get natbib to generate the references with journal abbreviations rather than full journal names. [Answer]

General questions

  1. I would like to sumbit a paper to Elsevier. Please advise me on how to proceed? [Answer]
  2. I would like to know the status of my submited paper. [Answer]
  3. I am preparing a paper for Chemical Engineering Science. I have downloaded the required LaTeX package. However, I am confused about which reference style I should use for this journal? [Answer]
  4. I am using a template file (elsarticle-template-num). For the abstract part, the paper asks for an MSC code. Where do I find that code for my paper? [Answer]
  5. From where can I download the source files used to create elsdoc.pdf? [Answer]
  6. How do I create the same line- and page-breaks as in the final print copy? [Answer]
  7. I downloaded the elsarticle class file, put it in the appropriate directory, and when I try to compile the file using the simple template file provided by elsvier, it will not output. In fact, it gets hung up on the following line. I checked the path, and I do have the upsy.fd file installed on my computer, so I really am hung on this one. [Answer]
  8. I use Latex at first time. I don't understand what I have do write from the beginning until \begin{frontmatter}. [Answer]
  9. I have the following problem when compiling. What to do? [Answer]

<geshi lang="sh">

    “C:\Program Files\MiKTeX 2.8\tex\latex\psnfss\upsy.fd”))latex.exe: GUI framework cannot be initialized”
    !Font U/psy/m/n/10=psyr at 10.0pt not loadable: Metric (TFM) file not found.
     <to be read again>
     l.64 {\Pifont{psy}